Paylocity Integration


MangoApps enables organizations to communicate, collaborate, and share information securely. Paylocity is a leading provider of cloud-based payroll and human resources solutions. By integrating MangoApps with Paylocity, network administrators can pull information and activity from Paylocity into MangoApps, providing a seamless experience for employees.

The integration between MangoApps and Paylocity allows administrators to synchronize users from a .csv file residing on a Secure FTP Server (SFTP Server) to manage (edit, add and delete) Employee user information in MangoApps. This eliminates the need for manual user management, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

With the integration, employees can access payroll and HR-related information from within MangoApps, making it easier to stay up-to-date with company policies and procedures. This also provides a single sign-on experience, allowing employees to access both systems using a single set of credentials.

Primary Integration Use Case: Streamlining Employee Processes

Employee Data : MangoApps integration allows for the secure FTP transfer of employee data to build employee profiles. MangoApps utilizes the employee identifier, such as their email address or employee ID, to generate system greetings for events like work anniversaries, birthdays, and new hires. This integration also supports user provisioning, including activation and deactivation, as well as custom field mappings for automation. Customers of MangoApps can configure this integration to their specific needs.

Integration Workflow

  1. Paylocity system to provide export of User information (in CSV format), this file to pushed to MangoApps sFTP site.

  2. MangoApps picks up the encrypted file from the Mango Production File System.

  3. MangoApps need to perform backend mappings for the Custom required fields.

  4. The following fields are mapped in MangoApps:

    • Employee status: In MangoApps, only Active and Inactive statuses are available. Paylocity has other statuses, such as Terminated. MangoApps maps "A" as Active and any other status as Inactive.

    • Gender: MangoApps maps gender, such as "M" as Male and "F" as Female.

    • Marital status: MangoApps maps the abbreviated marital statuses to full names, such as "M" for Married, "S" for Single, "D" for Divorced, and "W" for Widow.

    • Any new fields are added automatically.

  5. Once mapping is complete, User fetch can be initiated to pull the records from the csv file into MangoApps.

  6. Successful import will add User to MangoApps user table.

By following this integration workflow, Paylocity and MangoApps can be integrated effectively, and the data can be periodically synchronized by setting up an automated recurrence.

Integration Set-up

Synchronizing Users

  1. Click the toggle bar for Synchronize Users to enable synchronization of users from a .csv file residing on a server.

  2. Enter the URL where the .csv file is residing on the server. You MUST enter the absolute path of the file for successful file and data fetching.

  3. Configure the Advanced Sync Settings.

    1. In the When Fetched Users Already Exist in MangoApps option, select the Skip existing users option to NOT overwrite the data of existing users. OR

      Select the Update existing users option to overwrite the data of existing users.

    2. In the Email Invites For Newly Added Users option, mark the checkbox to send an email to all the new users with their login credentials.

  4. Configure the Authentication options.

    1. In the Login ID, enter the login ID for the SFTP server for authentication when MangoApps tries to sync data from the .csv file.

    2. In the Password, enter the password for the SFTP server for authentication when MangoApps tries to sync data from the .csv file.

    3. In the AES-256 Decryption Key, enter the decryption key for the .csv file if you have encrypted the file with AES-256 Encryption for increased security.

  5. Select preferred the sync schedule from the drop-down.

    1. Select the Once Every Day option to automatically sync users from the .csv file once in 24 hours. OR

    2. Select Every 12 Hours option to automatically sync users from the .csv file every 12 hours.

  6. Click the Save Settings button to save the configurations and test the SFTP Server connection. The system displays a success message on verifying all the configurations and successfully connecting to the server.

  7. Click the Save Settings & Force Sync Now button to save the configurations and sync all users from the .csv file immediately. The system displays a success message on syncing the users successfully via the .csv file.

Click the Download sample CSV link to download the sample file for syncing users. You must NOT change/edit the field names in the first row since it can result in mapping issues for the data.

After a successful sync, the system sends an email to the network admin who initiated the sync.

Users imported and invited via Admin Portal > Users > Add Users > Fetch From URL are automatically assigned the "Network User" role irrespective of their email address. For example, if the network (of invites a user with the email address or, then these users are added as network users even if their email address does not match the company domain (for example

Integrating Benefits

MangoApps provides several integration options with Paylocity to streamline HR processes and enhance employee experience. These options include:

  1. Employee Data: With a secure FTP connection, employee data can be exported from Paylocity to MangoApps to build employee profiles. MangoApps identifies employees based on their email address or employee ID and automatically generates greetings for work anniversaries, birthdays, and new joiners. Additionally, MangoApps can be configured for user provisioning, activation, deactivation, and custom field mappings for automation.

  2. Enterprise SSO App Integration: Paylocity supports SSO via SAML, allowing MangoApps to serve as an Identity Provider (IDP) and authenticate users logging into Paylocity with just one click to the application link. This integration is already set up for 200 enterprise apps, providing employees with a seamless and secure login experience.

  3. Paystub and Confidential Document Storage: MangoApps offers a secure vault for employees to store their pay stubs and other confidential documents. Customers with thousands of employees use MangoApps' secure vault to access pay stubs twice a month, and former employees can also access their tax documents. This integration provides a convenient and secure way for employees to access their financial documents while ensuring compliance and data security.

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