Setting up the Quizzes module


The Quizzes module enables you to design a set of questions which lets you test employee knowledge, conduct competitions, and drive employee learning in your company.

Network admins can change the system default label and other domain-wide settings of the Quizzes module.‌

  1. Quiz Label: Enter a custom label for the Quizzes module.

  2. Who can create quizzes: Choose who can create quizzes on your domain from the User Portal.

    • Any network user can create: Select to allow any network user to create quizzes on your domain.

    • Network Admin, Intranet Admins & Team Admins can only create: Select to allow ONLY network admin, intranet admins, and team admins to create quizzes on your domain.

  3. Who can view quiz insights?: Information about who can view quiz insights on your domain. In MangoApps the creator, participant, team admins, intranet admins and network admins can view the quiz insights.

  4. Save: Click the Save button to apply the settings to the module.

The translate option of your domain in the Admin Portal (Admin Portal > Domain > Translate) MUST be deactivated to edit the module label.

Activating and Deactivating the translate option of your domain in the Admin Portal (Admin Portal > Domain > Translate) resets the custom label text.


Can guest users take a quiz?

Yes, guest users can take quizzes posted in the teams they are a part of.

Can guest users create a new quizzes?

No, guest users CANNOT create new quizzes in MangoApps.

Can guest users view the quiz insights?

No, guest users CANNOT view the quiz insights. Only the network admins, team admins, and the creator of the quiz can view insights.

To see how these configurations impact the Quizzes on the User Portal, see Quizzes in the User Portal Guide.

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