Attendance Reports

Regularly reviewing attendance data allows managers to identify patterns of absenteeism or tardiness, enabling them to address potential issues and maintain a consistent workflow. It also helps in assessing overall team performance, recognizing high-performing individuals, and addressing any potential challenges related to attendance that may impact team dynamics or project timelines. Ultimately, access to an attendance report empowers managers to make informed decisions, foster a positive work environment, and optimize team efficiency.

Admin Portal

From within the Tab Settings, click View & Manage next to Attendance Reports to navigate to the visibility permissions editor.

Within these settings, you can manually assign, edit, and remove visibility of the Attendance Report tab within the User Portal. Click the + Add button to add a new user or users. More than one user and team can be selected at a time.

Once satisfied with your selection, click Add. If multiple users have been selected at once, they will individually populate within the table.

Alternatively, the list of teams can be imported via CSV file. While in the Add Access pop up menu, before information is entered into the team selection field, click the Browse button. This will bring up the Select Teams menu.

From this menu, you have the options to add or remove teams, import the team selection from a CSV file (sample csv provided), and download of list of the selection teams.

User Portal

Once a user has been assigned visibility, the Attendance Report Tab will appear to them within the User Portal.

Select your desired timeframe from the View Dropdown to populate the table. Once the table has populated, you can view the attendance requests for all members of the selected team(s). This information includes: request date, name of requesting user, type of request, reference number, shift date, out from and until, approval status.

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