Virus Scan

Enabling the virus scan feature for all files uploads


MangoApps provides a robust virus scanning feature that ensures the safety and security of uploaded files. This guide will walk you through how to enable and manage virus scanning within MangoApps.

Enabling Virus Scan

Navigate to the Virus Scan settings and toggle the virus scan feature ON. Once enabled, by default, this setting will scan all uploaded files (excluding media files) for viruses. You can also choose to enable virus scan specifically for files uploaded by guest users. Another option allows you to make files available during the virus check process.

File Scanning Details

MangoApps employs ClamAV, a powerful antivirus engine, to scan files for viruses, trojans, and other threats. Files uploaded via any MangoApps client (including email attachments, IM chats, and File Sync) are scanned, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Existing files are NOT scanned when the Virus Scan feature is enabled.


How does virus scan work?

Virus scan checks all files uploaded via MangoApps for malicious content such as trojans, viruses, and malware, ensuring a safe environment for file sharing.

How many different kinds of viruses can MangoApps detect?

MangoApps is equipped to detect over 1 million viruses, worms, and trojans, including threats within compressed files and obfuscated documents.

Are files uploaded via email or IM conversations scanned for viruses?

Yes, all files (excluding media files) uploaded through email or IM conversations are subjected to virus scanning.

What happens if a file is infected with a virus?

When a virus is detected, MangoApps automatically quarantines the infected file. The file is moved to a secure location, preventing further access or syncing. Only the uploader can replace the infected file with a clean version or delete it.

How do I know if my uploaded file is infected?

MangoApps notifies the uploader via private message if a virus is detected in their uploaded file. This notification prompts action either to replace the file or remove it.

Is there a log of quarantined files?

Yes, MangoApps maintains a security log detailing all files detected with viruses and subsequently quarantined.

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