MangoApps Open APIs

Using MangoApps' Open APIs, developers can extend MangoApps to create custom web, desktop, or mobile apps for their business.

From the Admin portal, visit Integrations -> Open APIs to see the list of all currently registered applications and create a new one.

Selecting Open APIs will show you all registered open APIs

Registering a New Application in your Domain

  1. Click on Register a New Application

  2. Name your application. This must be unique on your domain

  3. Enter either your name or the name of the organization responsible for this application

  4. Enter the Support Email. This is the email address that support issues for this application should go to.

  5. Enter the Support URL where users can go to view help documentation and FAQs

  6. Allow your API to either Read Only or Read and Write. Read and Write will allow the API to GET, POST, PULL, and DELETE.

  7. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

  8. Click on Submit Registration to finish the process.

MangoApps OpenAPI Usage Basics

In using the MangoApps API set, there are some hard-and-fast rules:

  • The initial Login API success response contains the _felix_session_id as the Set-Cookie field in the response header.

  • Your application must store the _felix_session_id for reuse in subsequent API requests.

  • Every call to an API after Login must contain the _felix_session_id as a cookie in the header.

  • The _felix_session_id does not expire until your application sends an explicit Logout API request.

  • For the curl examples, a file is used to store the _felix_session_id and it will be referred to as which you can arbitrarily define in your testing

  • The API URLs are examples. You should not use but rather your own domain URI followed by the API path and any necessary URL parameters.

Click here to browse MangoApps Open API documents.

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