Manage Greetings

Managing the list of greetings on your domain


The Greetings module provides a platform for your user community to celebrate life & community events, and help create authentic human connections at work by giving them the ability to send 'digital cards' to each other. Users can give out greetings to individuals and teams in MangoApps.

Greetings do NOT require approvals by network/team admins to be given out by users.

Network admins can manage greetings and create new greetings within the categories for network users to use.

  1. Greeting Category: Click the Greeting Category drop-down list and then click the preferred category to view all the greeting of the selected category. MangoApps contains 12 out-of-the-box greeting categories and 65 greetings. You can create new custom greeting categories and new greetings within those custom categories.

  2. List of Greetings: List of all available greeting created on your domain.

    • Greeting Title: Name of the greeting.

    • Status: Status of the greeting. Greetings with the 'Inactive' status, are not available for users to see & see.

      • Edit: For custom greetings, click Edit to open the Edit Greeting Details pop-up and edit a greeting. You CANNOT edit a pre-shipped out-of-the-box greeting.

      • Deactivate: For active greetings, click Deactivate to deactivate the greeting and change its status to 'Inactive'.

      • Activate: For deactivated greetings, click Activate to activate the greeting and change its status to 'Active'.

      • Delete: For custom greetings, click Delete to delete the greeting from your domain. You CANNOT delete a pre-shipped out-of-the-box greeting.

  3. + Add New Greeting: Click the + Add New Greeting button to create a new greeting on your domain.

Deactivated greetings are NOT displayed on the User Portal.

Places where a deleted greeting was already shared will NOT be deleted if you delete the greeting.

Adding a New Greeting

  1. Click the + Add New Greeting button to open the Add New Greeting pop-up.

  2. Select the category for which you want to create an greeting in the Greeting Category drop-down. For example, select Holidays from the Greeting Category drop-down.

  3. Enter the name for the greeting in the Greeting Name text box For example, enter Happy Holi! in the Greeting Name text box.

  4. Add an image for the greeting in the image box.

  5. Click the Save button to add the new greeting to the selected category on your domain for all users.


Can guest users give greetings in MangoApps?

No, guest users CANNOT give greetings to other users in MangoApps.

If a network user gives a greeting to the team they are part of, do they themselves receive the greeting too?

No, a network user does NOT receive the greeting, if they give a greeting to their own team.

To see how these configurations impact the Greetings on the User Portal, see Greetings in the User Portal Guide.

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