Manage employee-submitted content

Content moderation is the practice of monitoring and regulating user-generated content, such as text, images, videos, or comments, on online platforms. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the content complies with established guidelines, policies, and community standards within your workplace. Content moderation can involve various actions, including filtering out harmful or inappropriate content, blocking or removing offensive materials, and engaging with users to maintain a safe and positive online environment. This process helps safeguard users from harmful or offensive content and ensures that online spaces remain civil, compliant, and aligned with your workplace's values and objectives.


‍Flexible Moderation Settings

Your company has full control over how you want to moderate community content submissions. It can be limited to certain parts of the platform, split up by topic among several moderators, or turned off entirely. Your moderators can either need to approve all content before being visible, or only content that has been flagged, either by users or your list of keyword triggers. Any changes to these settings appear in the audit log.

Users Can Flag Content For Removal

Users have the ability to flag any content that they think should be removed. This content is then queued for review by the relevant moderators and action can be taken. Content flagging can also be automatically triggered based on a list of keywords designated by admins.

Notifications & Mass Actions Make Moderation Easier

Moderators can flag, approve, deny, and take other actions on content in bulk, making the job less time consuming. Notifications come in every time content is submitted that requires moderation (these are bundledβ€”max 1 notification per hour), and the user gets notifications as well. Moderation is included in our mobile apps, so moderators can respond quicker from wherever they are.

Exemptions And Unlisted Teams

Exemptions can be made for specific teams or users, and domain admins and any unlisted groups within MangoApps are not subject to moderation.

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