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Implementing a reliability request system allows employees to submit attendance issues, providing several advantages for the company. Firstly, it promotes transparency and open communication between employees and management, fostering a positive work environment. It enables employees to report unexpected attendance challenges promptly, allowing the company to address and accommodate unforeseen circumstances effectively. This system contributes to a fair and understanding workplace culture, demonstrating the company's commitment to supporting its workforce. Moreover, by having a formalized process for reliability requests, the company can better track and manage attendance issues, leading to improved workforce planning and operational efficiency.

The attendance feature for the Schedules Module within MangoApps allows users to submit attendance requests from the user portal, which will then be acknowledged by their managers.

This feature must be enabled in order to access the additional menu options outlined below.

Attendance Setup by Country

Tailor attendance settings to comply with regional regulations in different countries. The default country setting is the US.

To set up attendance settings for a new country, click the + Add New Country option to access the menu for creating an attendance settings profile for the selected country.

Attendance Type

This feature defines the precise start and end times for an attendance session, specifying the permissible days on which users can mark their attendance as this type. From this section, you have the ability to add, edit, or delete attendance types.

To add a new attendance type, click the + Add New option beneath the table.

If you want to restrict the timeframe during which a specific attendance type can be chosen to indicate an absence, select from the options in the Days Allowed dropdown.

Attendance Reasons

These are pre-defined options that users can choose to specify the purpose or explanation for their attendance. Custom reasons can be added as needed by clicking the + Add New option beneath the table.

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The Edit Reason menu also allows you the option to created Canned Messages supervisors can use when acknowledging an attendance event.

Disclaimer Pop Up Text/Reminder Page

Optionally, admins have the option to configure pop-up text both before and after a user reports an attendance event. The disclaimer text added in the rich text box will appear before the attendance event window pops up, while the reminder text will be displayed after the attendance event is submitted.

Advanced Settings

These setting allow for on behalf submissions and manager visibility configuration for flexible attendance management.

Allow on Behalf Submissions

Enable this setting to allow users to submit attendance on behalf of others. Managers can further be granted the ability to submit attendance for their direct reports, enhancing flexibility and ensuring accurate record-keeping.

Allow Managers to View Peer's Attendance

Enabling this option empowers managers to view the attendance of their co-managers' direct reports. This fosters collaboration and visibility among managers, facilitating better coordination within the team.

Show Attendance Info in Schedules

Enable this setting to display users' attendance details on their schedules calendar, subject to acknowledgment from their respective managers. This feature enhances transparency and keeps employees informed about their attendance status directly within their scheduling interface.

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