MangoApps Usage Reports and BI give admins detailed information and in-depth data about how employees are using MangoApps, helping them create effective content and helping employees achieve long term success.


Insightful and Useful Reports

Domain admins can generate detailed usage reports to help them understand and view data and monitor user activity. Some of these reports include active user summaries, user activity, hashtag usage and data and information about internal influencers.

Secure Access Anytime

Generated reports are stored safely and require special permissions to access. Admins control who has access to the information and can easily view, download and share the reports at any time both inside and outside of MangoApps.

Power BI Integration

MangoApps offers admins optional integration with Microsoft Power BI business analytics tools. This seamless integration provides admins with descriptive, visual and interactive data designed with self-service business intelligence capabilities.

Team-Level Analysis

Admins can also generate team specific reports to receive deeper insights about their specific groups, teams, and projects. These reports include active team data, content statistics, question and answer details, team usage trends and page view info.

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