Managing the media categories on your domain


Create categories to organize your media files and make them easy to browse & find for your users.

  1. List of categories: Displays all the media categories created on your domain for the Media Library module. You can drag-and-drop the categories to re-order them. MangoApps ships 2 out-of-the-box system categories - Auto Collected and Public Media. Media files attached with a update/post are automatically assigned the 'Auto Collected' category. Media files uploaded via Mango Recorder are automatically assigned the 'Public Media' category.

  2. Actions: Click the Edit or Delete option.

    • Edit: Click to edit the category.

    • Delete: Click to delete the category.

  3. Toggle bar: For system categories, click the toggle bar to enable/disable a system category.

  4. Add New Category: Click the Add New Category button to add a new media category.

  5. Save: Click the Save button to apply the settings to the media categories.

Disabling a system category, only hides it in the search filters list in the Media Library module on the User Portal and does NOT impact the automatic assignment of system categories to media.

Deleting a media category only removes the association of the category from the media.

Add a New Media Category

To add a new media category:

  1. Click the Add New Category button to open the Add New Category pop-up.

  2. Enter the name for the category in the Category Name text box. For example, enter Wallpapers.

  3. In the Parent Category drop-box, select the parent category for the hierarchy of the category. You can create a category without a parent by selecting the No Parent option in the drop-down.

    You can add up to only three levels of categories in the hierarchy in MangoApps; a parent category can have only up to two levels of sub-categories.

  4. In the Add New Category pop-up, click the Save button to add the category. OR

    In the Add New Category pop-up, click the Save & add another button to save the created category and add a new one without closing the Add New Category pop-up.

  5. Click the Save button to save the new created category on your domain.

Categories can be nested only up to 3 levels in MangoApps.

Reorder Media Categories

Drag-and-drop the categories to re-order them. You can also drag-and-drop categories under parent categories for automatically structuring the posts hierarchy. You can also drag-and-drop an entire hierarchy set of categories to reorder them.

To see how these configurations impact the Media Library on the User Portal, see Media Library in the User Portal Guide.

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