People Directory

Configuring the people list & grid views of the People Directory page


Network admins can choose up to 10 profile fields to display in the People directory list/grid view for each user.

Primary profile fields: Mark the preferred profile fields to display immediately under the profile photo and full name of a user.

Secondary profile fields: Mark the preferred profile fields to display under the primary profile fields. Drag-and-drop the fields to reorder them.

Save Settings: Click the Save Settings button to apply the settings to the people directory.

By default, the profile photo and first & last name fields are enabled to display in the profile and CANNOT be disable.


Why do some profile fields appear gray and I can't enable them to display on the people list/grid view for all users?

Profile fields with User Controlled Visibility set to ENABLED appear gray and CANNOT be used to display in the preview dialog.

The User Controlled Visibility feature for profile fields to give users control over what information they share publicly. This helps uphold privacy preferences and regulatory compliance by allowing users to manage their own data visibility. It can also enhance user trust and satisfaction by providing a transparent and customizable experience within the platform.

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