Add Users

Adding users through different mediums on your domain

In this section, we will explore the process of adding users to your domain, providing you with multiple options for seamless integration. Whether you are onboarding a small team or managing a large workforce, our intranet offers flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.

To initiate the user addition process, administrators can choose from various methods. The first option is importing users, enabling administrators to upload user data in bulk through a CSV file. Additionally, our system supports fetching user information from a specified URL, simplifying the process of importing data from external sources. For more advanced integration, administrators can utilize our API to programmatically import users and ensure real-time synchronization with other business applications. Furthermore, MangoApps seamlessly integrates with widely used systems like ADP and AD/LDAP, allowing administrators to synchronize user data effortlessly. For a quick and straightforward approach, administrators can also generate a sign-up link, facilitating user self-registration and reducing the administrative burden. With these versatile options, adding and managing users on our business intranet has never been more efficient.

To get started, click Invite Or Add Users from the Users options menu.

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