Award Categories

Managing the recognition award categories on your domain


The Recognition module employs a Kudos-based system to acknowledge excellent performance. This module empowers leaders to shape team culture and inspire employees.

Network administrators have the authority to oversee recognition categories and establish new awards within these categories for all users.

Category Name

This is the name assigned to the recognition category. Within the User domain, it will be the displayed name in the dropdown menu when giving recognition. When utilizing the MangoApps Catalog, it's important to note that default category names CANNOT be modified or altered. System categories can be deactivated, though.

Who Can Give Awards From This Category?

This section enables you to specify which users have the ability to grant awards from specific categories. It is advisable to restrict categories associated with Rewards Points to only be awarded by administrators and managers.

  • Anyone: Choose this option to permit any network user to give awards from the category to other users or teams within the domain.

  • Domain Admins & Intranet Admins Only: Select this option to allow only network admins and intranet admins to give awards from the category to other users or teams within the domain.

  • Domain Admins, Intranet Admins & The Following Users: Select to allow only network admins, intranet admins and the specified user(s) to give awards from the category to other users or teams on the domain.

  • Domain Admins, Intranet Admins, Manager & The Following Users: Choose this option to grant authorization exclusively to network admins, intranet admins, users assigned as managers within the organization hierarchy, and any specified users. These authorized individuals can give awards from the category to other users or teams within the domain.

    Note: When a Manager user is using this feature, they will only see their direct reports in the people type-ahead and people selector dialog. However, if the Manager user also holds the role of a domain or intranet admin, they will have the ability to view all network users in the people type-ahead and people selector dialog.

Recipient Type

Much like the Award Configuration section in the Settings tab, this section permits the restriction of who can receive awards but on a category-specific basis.

When the Recipient Type is set as Team or Anyone, you are also able to select individuals from the team to assign the award.


In this section, you can view the status of your recognition categories. Categories marked as In-Active are not visible on the User Portal, and awards within those categories are also hidden.

When using the MangoApps Catalog, it's important to note that out-of-the-box categories can be Deactivated, but they cannot be Deleted.


  • Edit: To modify settings for any awards, click Edit to open the Edit Awards Category pop-up. You CANNOT edit the Category Name of a pre-shipped out-of-the-box recognition category.

  • Deactivate: To deactivate an active category, click Deactivate. This action will disable the category and change its status to In-Active. Deactivating a category will remove it from the category dropdown list within the User Domain.

  • Activate: For deactivated categories, click Activate to activate the category within the User Domain and change its status to 'Active'.

  • Delete: For custom categories, click Delete to delete the recognition category from your domain. You CANNOT delete pre-shipped out-of-the-box recognition categories. Awards that have already been given from the deleted category will NOT be removed retroactively.

When you delete a custom recognition category, all the awards within that category will be deleted from the domain.

Adding New Recognition Categories

Interested in crafting a new category to align your awards and recognition with your brand's identity? Whether you're using a custom catalog or the MangoApps Catalog, MangoApps provides you with the capability to do so! Follow the steps below!

  1. Click the + Add New Category button to open the Add Award Category pop-up.

  2. Enter the name for the award category in the Category Name text box. For this example we'll be creating a Project Excellence awards category.

  3. Choose your recipient type

  4. Select who can give awards from the category on the User Portal.

    • Use the People Selector to choose multiple users at once when designating The Following Users

  5. Click the Done button to add the new award category to your domain for all users. Add awards for the category from the Manage Awards tab.

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