Configuring the domain-wide settings for MangoAcademy Help Courses


As network admins you can choose to show/hide the MangoAcademy Help Courses button to all network users. You can also customize the help course via Admin Training Videos, User Training Videos, and Webinars & Videos tabs.

MangoAcademy is designed to help users get MangoApps training whenever and wherever they want from videos on a variety of topics.

Users can visit and sign-up for MangoApps certification.

  1. Mark the checkbox for Show MangoAcademy Help Courses to display the course help button in the user portal on the top bar for all network users. If checked, redirects a network user to the course page when they log-in for the first time.

  2. Click the Save button to apply the settings for help.

The MangoAcademy Help Courses button is NOT displayed to guest users.


Do guest users have access to these training videos?

Yes, guest users do have access to the training videos on the User Portal via Settings > Help Center. They can also choose to visit and sign-up for MangoApps certification with a valid email address to gain access to the training videos.

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