Setting up the Calendar module

In this section, we will discuss tools for managing the user portal calendar, a central component designed to streamline your team's scheduling and event coordination. As an administrator, use these tools to optimize this feature for your organization's unique needs.

Within the calendar settings, admins can fine tune permissions, dictating who can create and modify events within the intranet. This flexibility ensures that the right individuals have the necessary access to maintain an organized and up-to-date calendar, promoting transparency and accountability. Additionally, MangoApps goes beyond internal functionalities by offering integration capabilities with third-party calendars. Admins can effortlessly configure these integrations, reducing redundancy and enhancing overall productivity. Whether you're coordinating meetings, tracking project milestones, or syncing events across platforms, the calendar calendar is a robust tool at your disposal for seamless collaboration.

To get started, click on Calendar from the Modules menu.

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