General Settings

Configuring domain-wide location settings

Domain-Wide General Settings

Admin Portal > Domain > Locations > General Settings
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    Enable configuration of office locations: Click the toggle bar to activate/deactivate the feature to add office locations to your domain. MangoApps automatically creates a company office locations page when you add at least one office location -
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    Location Label: Enter the preferred text in the Location Label text box displayed for office location on a user's profile.
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    Headquarter Label: Enter the preferred text in the Headquarter Label text box for office locations marked as the headquarter on a company office locations page and in office locations list on the Admin Portal.
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    Show My Office Location List: Select the option to sort the office locations' list either A-Z or based on a user's location.
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    Save: Click the Save button to apply the chosen settings.
Only network admins can add, edit, and delete office locations.

Showing Office Location on a User's Profile

By default, MangoApps does NOT display a user's office location on their profile. As a network admin, you can add the office location field on the profile of all the users from the Admin Portal. To do so:
Showing the office location field on the users' profile
  1. 1.
    Go to Admin Portal > Modules > People > Full Profile.
  2. 2.
    Mark the office location field to enable it on the users' profile.
  3. 3.
    Click the Save Settings button.

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