Accepted List

List of allowed external email addresses that can send email into MangoApps


The Accepted List allows the user to specify what out of network email addresses can send messages into the system. Applications & people from this list can send emails to network users and teams. The email will appear as private messages or team posts respectively.

  1. Search: Search for users in the Accepted List. You can search by Name and/or Email Address

  2. Name: Displays the name of the user associated with the approved email address

  3. From Email Address: Displays email addresses that is allowed to send messages into the network

  4. Allowed IP Address Range: Display the allowed IP range that an email can come from. If an email from an approved email comes from an IP address outside the specified range, then it will not be allowed into the network

  5. Options: Displays if accepted email can send and receive emails through the network or just send

  6. Add Allowed Email Address: Add email addresses to your Accepted List

Adding Allowed Email Addresses

  1. Name: Enter the name or label for the user associated with the email address

  2. From Email Address: Enter the email address associated with that user, that should be given access to contact user within the network

  3. Options: Select Allow Receiving Only to only allow emails from the address to come into the system. Selecting this option will NOT allow messages/comment to get sent back to the user at their email OR select Allow Receiving and Sending to allow two-way email communication

  4. Email Forwarding to Teams: Select Allow Forward to Any Team if emails from this account can be forwarded to any team in MangoApps which has Email Integration turned on OR select Managed by Team Admin if the team admin needs to explicitly give permission to forward an email in their teams

  5. Start IP: The Start IP address of the IP range allowed to send email to MangoApps. This field is optional

  6. End IP: The End IP of the IP range allowed to send email to MangoApps. If a Start IP is inputted, then an End IP is required

  7. Cancel: Terminate the process

  8. Save and add another: If you need to add more than one mail address to the allowed list

  9. Save: Save single entry and close text box

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