Managing the notes templates on your domain

Notes Templates

Network admins can activate/deactivate system templates, create new custom notes templates and re-order the templates on the User Portal.‌

  1. List of templates: Displays all the notes templates on your domain. MangoApps contains 9 out-of-the-box notes templates. You can clone these system templates to create new custom templates.

    • Clone & Edit: For system templates, click to clone the selected template and open it in edit mode.

    • Deactivate: For system templates, click to deactivate the selected template on the User Portal.

    • Activate: For deactivated templates, click to activate the template on the User Portal.

    • Edit This Template: For custom templates, click to edit the custom template. You CANNOT edit system templates.

    • Delete: For custom templates, click to delete a custom template from your domain.

  2. Show templates: Choose the templates shown in the list in the Admin Portal.

    • All: Show all (active and inactive) templates in the list. Inactive templates display a marker at the top-right corner as "Inactive".

    • Active: Show only active templates in the list.

    • Inactive: Show only inactive templates in the list.

  3. Re-order Templates: Click the Re-order Templates button to open the Re-order Templates pop-up. Drag-and-drop the templates at the preferred position, and then click the Done button to re-order them on the User Portal.

  4. Design Your Own: Click the Design Your Own button to open the Create Template page and create a new custom notes template.

Deleted templates are moved to the Trash Can which can be recovered and restored by the network admins.

Activating and deactivating a notes template adds an entry in the Audit Log.

Creating a Custom Notes Template

Click the Design Your Own button to create a custom notes templates in the Admin Portal.

  1. Enter a title for the template in the Title text box. For example, enter Zendesk Tickets - MM/DD/YYYY in the Tile text box.

  2. Use the visual editor to add content and format the content with in the template.

  3. Add a featured image for the notes template. This is an optional step.

  4. Click the Preview button to display a preview of the template.

  5. Click the Publish Notes Template button to create the new template and add it to the Templates tab. Click the down arrow and the click Save Template As Draft to save the template as a draft in the module.

To see how these configurations impact the Notes on the User Portal, see Notes in the User Portal Guide.

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