Recognition Insights

View your domains recognition stats and trends


In this section, you will find a comprehensive overview of your domain's Reward Point activity within a specified time frame. You can easily monitor trends in both the distribution and redemption of reward points using the various graphs and metrics below.


This section serves as a comprehensive tracking tool for the allocation of reward points based on user-driven recognitions. It provides valuable insights into the frequency and distribution of recognitions, showcasing the number of recognitions given, the number of users initiating them, and the average points awarded per recognition. This data-rich section enables administrators to gauge the level of employee engagement and the effectiveness of the recognition system in motivating and acknowledging positive behaviors.


This section serves as a concise overview of redemption order activity, offering a snapshot of the total orders placed within the chosen timeframe. Users can quickly assess the level of engagement and redemption frequency, gaining valuable insights into the overall activity within the specified period. This summary empowers administrators to track the success and popularity of the redemption system, helping them make data-driven decisions for future promotions, inventory management, and user engagement strategies. By understanding the order dynamics, administrators can identify trends, assess the impact of promotional campaigns, and optimize the redemption process to enhance user satisfaction. The clarity provided by this section facilitates a more strategic approach to managing and improving the effectiveness of the redemption platform within the selected timeframe.

Orders by Data Source

This section provides a comprehensive comparison of traffic from various sources, shedding light on potential variations in the utilization of custom catalog options across different locations. By closely analyzing the graph, administrators can discern patterns and trends in user engagement with custom catalog features. For instance, variations in usage may become apparent, indicating whether certain locations are more actively leveraging custom catalog options compared to others.

Additionally, the graph allows for an assessment of the popularity of Gift Cards within the overall ordering landscape. By examining the relative proportions of orders attributed to Gift Cards as opposed to other catalog items, administrators can gauge the level of appeal and prominence of Gift Cards within the user community. This valuable insight aids in strategic decision-making for catalog optimization and tailoring rewards programs to meet the preferences of specific locations or user segments.

Reward Points Received vs Redeemed

section features a comparative line chart that visually illustrates the trends in reward points accumulation and redemption over a specified period. This dynamic chart offers a quick and insightful comparison between the two essential aspects of the rewards program. The upward and downward trends of the lines provide at-a-glance information on the relative success of point distribution and utilization. Administrators can easily identify patterns, spikes, or dips, allowing for a nuanced understanding of how users are engaging with the rewards system. This visual representation facilitates data-driven decision-making, enabling administrators to refine strategies, optimize point distribution, and tailor the rewards catalog to better align with user preferences and motivations, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of the rewards program.

Top 15

This section offers a comprehensive overview of the organization's employee recognition landscape, highlighting the top 15 performers across various key metrics. At the forefront are the most redeemed items, shedding light on the most sought-after rewards within the program. Additionally, the insights reveal the individuals who stand out as top issuing users, showcasing the champions of recognition within the company. The analysis extends to the most awarded recognition, emphasizing the specific achievements and behaviors celebrated by the workforce. Furthermore, the data highlights the recipients who consistently earn recognition, illustrating the individuals making a significant impact on the team. Finally, this section captures the top core values recognized, providing a glimpse into the values that resonate most with employees, fostering a culture that aligns with the company's mission and vision. This comprehensive perspective empowers organizations to fine-tune their rewards program and reinforce a positive workplace culture.

Export Report

In addition to the graphic view, admins can export these insights in the form of an .xls document. The export file includes more user specific information than the insight overviews.

The dashboard and export views are designed to cater to different purposes. Opt for dashboard views when seeking broad summaries presented in engaging visuals. However, if you require more granular details about the users contributing to these metrics, export the information to generate a more detailed report.

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