All vault activity and changes are logged in the vault’s audit log.

The following vault operations are tracked in the audit:

  • Folder created – When a new folder is created.

  • Folder Renamed – When a folder is renamed.

  • Folder Deactivated – When a folder is disabled.

  • Folder Deleted – When a folder is deleted.

  • Item Added – When a new file is added to anyone vault.

  • Item Viewed – When a file is viewed from anyone’s vault.

  • Item Downloaded – When a file is downloaded from anyone’s vault.

  • Item Moved – When a file is moved from one vault folder to another.

  • Item Deleted – When a file is deleted from anyone’s vault.

  • User Vault 2FA Reset – When a user’s 2FA for their vault is reset.

  • User Vault Activated – When a user’s vault is activated.

  • User Vault Deactivated – When a user’s vault is deactivated.

  • Scheduled Run – When the integration auto schedule is run to add items to everyone’s vault.

  • Manual Run – When the integration run now to add items to everyone’s vault.

On the dashboard, you see:

  • User: Display’s the name of the user.

  • Vault: Displays the type of the vault such as monthly payslips, yearly tax documents etc.

  • Item: Displays the types of items added, viewed, downloaded, moved, deleted.

  • Action: You can view the action details such as user vault activated, deactivated, 2FA Reset.

  • When: You can view the date and time details of all vault activity and changes.

  • IP address: You can view the IP address.

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