Detailed logs of your MangoApps domain

Type of Logs

Many actions that admins & users do in MangoApps are tracked and captured in logs. MangoApps maintains the following 6 logs from the date of domain creation.

  1. Audit Log: MangoApps captures most of the change & delete actions performed on your domain from any MangoApps platform (web, mobile, and desktop) in the audit log. The audit log displays the actions performed on your domain by network users & network admins.

  2. User Access Log: MangoApps captures the login & logout details of all users from any of the MangoApps platforms. The user access log displays the user names, photo, email address along with the platform. time of access and IP address from which the domain was accessed by them.

  3. Assistants Log: MangoApps lets you assign assistants to specific users. Assistants can create a post or share an update on behalf of an executive. An assistant has to be a member of the executive's team to create a post or share an update on behalf of the executive. Creation of posts and updates by an assistant on behalf of the executive is recorded in the assistants log. The assistants log displays the list of posts and updates by an assistant with a link to the content and IP address from which the action was performed.

  4. Security Log: Security events like change of access location, un-authorized attempt to access a resource by a user and the action taken the system are listed in the security log. The security log displays a detailed list of security events with name of the user, the date & time, the platform and IP address from which the security event was triggered.

  5. Connector Log: Connector logs lists many of the outgoing calls from MangoApps to another application and all the incoming calls from another application to MangoApps. This includes single-sign-on (SSO) calls, calls to applications like NetSuite & more.

  6. Screen Share/Video Call Log: The Screen Share/Video Call tab displays the overview and details of the screen share/video call made by your users on your MangoApps domain from any platform.

The User Access Log is cleared every 60 days. This auto clear period CANNOT be changed.

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