Setting up the Chats module


The Chats module enables your users to Instant Message (IM) their colleagues and team.

As a network admin you can configure the IM functionality and chat messages settings from the Admin Portal.

  1. Basic Settings: Click the toggle bar to enable/disable the chats in MangoApps across all web browsers. Disabling the setting hides the IM bar on the User Portal for all users.

  2. Delete Settings: Click the Configure delete settings link to redirect to the Compliance > Delete Settings page where you can configure if users can delete their private or team chat messages sent to other users on your domain. See Compliance for more information.

  3. Self Destruct Messages: Self Destruct allows you to setup automatic deletion of messages based on various trigger conditions. Click the Configure self-destruct settings link to redirect to the Compliance > Self Destruct Chat settings page. See Compliance for more information.

  4. Save Settings: Click the Save Settings button to apply the configurations to the module.

To see how these configurations impact the Chats module on the User Portal, see Chat, Video & Audio in the User Portal Guide.

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