Downloading invoices for specific billing periods


Downloading Past Invoices

  1. Invoice Period: Desired billing period for the invoice

  2. Go: Once period is selected, click GO to navigate to that invoice

  3. Invoice Number: Invoice Number for records

  4. Download Invoice: Download a copy of the invoice for your records or auditing purposes

Cancelling Your MangoApps Account

  1. Please Cancel My Account: To cancel your MangoApps, click the link

  1. Reason: Share feedback for your reasons for canceling your account

  2. Cancel My Account: Verify you wish to cancel your account by clicking on the CANCEL MY ACCOUNT link

Before you cancel your account, please reach out to us. We are always here to help, and we want you to love MangoApps as much as we do.

Cancelling your account will delete all your data including users, files, wikis, post, and all updated. This is NOT a recoverable action.


Can I choose who receives the invoice and payment notices?

Yes. All β€œNetwork Admin” users automatically receive invoice and payment notices. Additionally you can add email addresses to a list of additional users to receive payment notices.

I need an invoice! Can you send me one?

We will send you an invoice as soon as there is a successful payment from your account. Make sure to check your spam folders – just in case it ends up there. You can also check back on previous transactions and invoices via the Invoice Details section on your Billing tab.

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