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Network admins can configure the look and feel of the styles for pages in MangoApps from the Admin Portal.

Page Template

Network admins can configure the look-and-feel of the styles for pages in MangoApps from the Admin Portal. Creating content-rich sites for companies, departments, communities, and teams within the intranet got much easier. Choice of fixed vs variable height widgets, better handling of large text data, page versioning to go back to an earlier copy, and saving a page as a template to reduce the time taken to create new sites. All of this with no coding skills required is now available for the intranet & internal communication teams in the company.

From the Admin Portal, you can design the page template (Domain>Page Template).

You have:

  • System Generated Pages (Modern Page): These are the new templates and existing dynamic templates.

  • Custom Pages: You can design your own template.

  • Legacy - old static templates.

In the Page Template window, you will see:

Default Modern Template List: Page Templates will have a list of modern prebuild templates only.

Reorder Template: This will open a pop-up with a list of templates.

Users can reorder templates using drag and drop and save the order by clicking on the Done

button. This order will be reflected in both:

  • Admin portal

  • Template pop-up for new page flow (user portal)

Three dots:

  • Clone and edit: This will open a 4 step wizard process where you can edit or duplicate the existing template.

  • Deactivate/Activate - This deactivate/activate the template.

Show template filter

  • All - This will show all active/inactive/draft templates.

  • Active - This will show all active templates.

  • Inactive - This will show all inactive templates.

Design your own: You can design the template.


  • Widgets automatically get snapped to the grid when added from the widget gallery.

  • Modern templates now show visual grids with gray background when designing a page for easier & neater alignment of widgets.

  • Drag & drop the widget using the title bar from one grid to another.

  • Increase or decrease the height & width of widgets on the visual grid by dragging the right bottom edge or the vertical edges.

Page Designer

Design Template

From the Page Template, click Design your own.


  1. Enter the title for the template, this will be shown on the page tab.

  2. Enter the description in the template description box.

  3. Select the icon, selected icon will be shown before the short title in the tab.

  4. To change the template image, select Change Image from the tab.

  5. Multiple language copies of a company or team page can be created by the admin.

  6. Multiple language pages can be created in the following languages

  • English

  • Chinese

  • Dutch

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

  • Turkish

Then click Next.


Modern templates have a new setting to choose between fixed and variable height widgets.

Fixed height widgets make it quicker & easier to align the widgets which are in a single row to have the same height.

Fixed height settings by default are ON for all new pages. This setting can be changed by the page admin for all modern templates.

When this setting is ON, the visual grids are shown.


Fixed Height Widgets: Enable this setting to make widgets in a single row to align up in height.

Pick up from Widget Gallery: Click to add the widgets on the page from the Add Widgets. Fixed widget height functionality gives control to the user to determine the height of the widget. Users can drag the widget to multiple rows and multiple columns.

Click Next. Preview

Click the Preview button to view a preview of the configurations before applying them.

Preview steps for the company & team page in the designer gives the admin the actual view of the page on both web & mobile.

Admin can continue to make changes by going to the design step, save as a draft or publish the page after previewing the page.

Web View:


Mobile view

Click Next.

Hashtag: Specify the hashtag to make the page searchable quickly using keywords.

Example: Sales and engineering.


Turn on Comments: enable comments so that users can post back suggestions, feedback, ask for clarification on the page content. This enables for vibrant 2-way communication in your network.

Turn on reactions: enable reactions to be posted on the pages.

Turn on change log: Enable change log if you want to keep a log of changes made to this page.

Only admins can see who has viewed this page: check this if you do not need employees to see which other employees have seen this page. Admin can still see/track who has viewed this page.

Click Save and Publish.

If you want to save as a draft, click Save as Draft and Exit.

You can view the newly created template in the Page Template.


Note: Page Templates will have a list of modern templates only.

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