Social Advocacy Tools


Employee social advocacy provides the ability to share approved posts from MangoApps to social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. A company can make employees their brand ambassadors who promote approved posts externally on their LinkedIn & Twitter social networks.

Social Advocacy has the following tabs:

  • Settings: Admins can enable social advocacy in their company.

  • Social Post: You can view the list of all posts on which advocacy is enabled by the creator or admin.

  • Insights: You can view the insights of the posts created. You can view the details of the count of social posts, active ambassador details, top social posts, top ambassador details, total click-through count on the post, and many more details.

  • Public Appearance: You can preview the social advocacy post before sending it to the audience or before publishing it. You can customize the logo, background color, header color, link color, and footer content. Mobile and web preview is available.

Admin control to turn on social advocacy channels

In Settings, network admins enable the sharing of posts on social channels by tuning in the advocacy for their created posts. Admins can now set up a user segment/list of authorized users to enable social advocacy on posts.

  1. Go to Social Advocacy and click Settings.

  2. Turn on LinkedIn and/or Twitter options to share content on respective social media handles.

Note: By default, these settings are enabled for both LinkedIn and Twitter.

  1. Authorized users are those users whose content is approved, and whose content is available to employees to share on social platforms. Admins can now set up a user segment or list of authorized users to enable social advocacy on posts. The user segment/list of users doesn’t need to be the post creator to enable social advocacy on the post.

Note: A maximum of one user segment can be authorized. Additionally, any number of individual users can be added.

  1. Click Save if you have made the changes to save the settings.

Audit Log Entry

When the admin changes the authorized user's list, the audit log entry is recorded.

Go to Domain>Logs>Audit to view the audit log entry.

An audit log entry will also be created when an authorized user turns social advocacy ON or OFF on a post.

Consolidated view of posts that have social sharing on

On the dashboard you will see:

  1. Content: List of all posts where social advocacy is enabled by the creator or admin.

  2. Date: This is the date when social advocacy was first enabled on posts. You can sort dates in ascending or descending order. By default, you see the most recent post at the top.

  3. Click-Through Count: Details of the number of times the posts have been clicked and viewed from LinkedIn or Twitter. Clicking on the CTC value would give the breakdown per user and social channel.

Insights into the social advocacy program of your domain

On the dashboard, you will see the details of

  1. New Social Posts: Total count of posts that have sharing on social platforms turned ON at the selected time.

  2. Active Ambassadors: A unique count of users whose shared posts on LinkedIn and Twitter were viewed at the selected time.

  3. Total Click-Through Count: Total count of clicks through from LinkedIn and Twitter to view the post at the selected time.

  4. Top Social Posts: Top 3 posts with the highest total click-through at the selected time. Click the post to view the post view. You can view the details in the graph representation.

  5. Top Ambassadors: Top 3 users who shared posts on LinkedIn or Twitter got the highest total click-through at the selected time.

  6. Show Insights filter: You can view the insights for the last 30, 90, and 365 days. The default is the last 90 days.

Public Appearance of the post

You can preview the social advocacy post before sending it to the audience or before publishing it on the web and mobile.

You can customize the logo, background color, header color, link color, and footer content.

  1. Logo: Click to upload the social post logo.

  2. Background color: Select the background color from the list.

  3. Header color: You change the header color by selecting the color from the list.

  4. Header Links: Click to add the header links.

  5. Link color: you can select the color from the list to add to the link.

  6. Footer content: Click to add the footer text.

How to share posts on social platforms

Post creators have the control to enable or disable social sharing at any time. For posts that have social sharing ON, the post viewer and post feed has actions for employees to share them over social channels.

When you create a post, before publishing the post you can view the Social Advocacy column on the right side. Enable the Social Advocacy tab to allow users to share posts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

New configuration for post-back-link

When authorizing a post that employees can share on their social network, the post backlink (any valid https link) can now be configured.

The default backlink is the public page of the post.

MangoApps will track the click-through count (CTC) for custom backlinks (under Admin Portal > Social Advocacy > Insights).

Promote using widgets on employee home or site pages

Widgets promote users with the highest click-through rates on their social media shares can be added to the dashboard/home, as well as company & team pages.

Integrated with Google analytics

Admins can enable Google analytics for their domain.

Once enabled, the Google Analytics code will be automatically embedded on the public post page, so your admins get more detailed insights on public post page visits.

Mobile apps get shared with employee social network capability

MangoApps mobile application allows employees to share authorized posts on their social networks.


  • Post Email Notification: Email notification for posts that has social sharing ON, will now show additional icons to indicate that they can be shared on LinkedIn & Twitter.

  • LinkedIn & twitter feed: You can share on LinkedIn and Twitter using an employee's own account.

  • Public Post Page: Ability to access social post's public page from LinkedIn & Twitter feeds. The public post page will show a picture of the employee whose LinkedIn/Twitter shared feed was used to click thru and view it.

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