Core Values

Create hashtags that embody your organization's mission and vision


This section outlines the steps for configuring the Core Value Hashtags included as part of the Recognition system.

What is a Core Value?

Core values are foundational principles or convictions that direct the behavior, choices, and actions of both individuals and organizations. They act as a guiding compass, helping in decision-making and defining identity and purpose.

These values significantly influence an organization's vision, mission, and overarching strategy. Common core values encompass integrity, accountability, teamwork, respect, innovation, customer focus, social responsibility, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

These hashtags provide an excellent means of publicly acknowledging and commending employees or teams when they exemplify the values that your company stands for.

Adding Core Values

Follow these steps to create your Core Value hashtags.

  1. Navigate to the Hashtags module in the admin portal, and click on the Categories tab. You'll find the Core Values hashtag category pre-installed. While it can be toggled off using the switch, please note that it cannot be permanently deleted. Be aware that disabling the Core Values category will remove it from the Recognize People or Team pop-up menu when granting awards within the User Domain.

  1. Navigate to the Hashtags tab and click on Add Hashtag button. From here, you can name your hashtag, write a short description (up to 250 character), and select a tag color if you'd like. Select Core Values from the Category dropdown menu and you are all done!

  1. While the Core Values hashtag category is enabled, all tags created within it will be visible in the recognition creation menu. Users can search for content using these tags, just as they would with regular hashtags. Additionally, users can track the core values they've received in awards from their User Profiles by clicking the Recognition tab. These hashtags will be displayed prominently at the top and also listed at the bottom of individual awards.

For more details on the Hashtags Module, visit the Hashtags Guide here!

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