Data Sources


In this section, admin users can craft personalized catalog items tailored to distinct user segments, allowing for a more targeted and customized rewards experience. The flexibility provided enables administrators to curate a selection of offerings that align with the specific preferences and needs of various user groups and locations. Additionally, admins can manage the array of Tango Cards gift cards within their domain. This comprehensive management functionality ensures a seamless and organized process for handling the diverse preferences and requirements of users, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the catalog management system.

In this menu you will see the list of data sources currently connected and disconnected within the domain.

Tango Cards Catalog

The Tango Cards catalog displays the current total Tango credits available for your domain to spend on external gift cards. If you require more credits, please contact your Account Management Team.

To set up a notification for low available credit, click the Settings button. Once activated, all active network administrators will receive a message when the company credit falls below the specified threshold.

MangoApps also allows for the customization of rewards points conversions, accommodating various currency rates. If you wish to establish multiple currency conversions, kindly reach out to your Account Management Team.

To enable and disable different gift card options, visit the Catalog section.

Company Credits

This section displays the total Company Credits available for your domain, showing both the dollar amount and the equivalent reward points total. These credits can be allocated as Reward Points for distribution to employees. If you wish to increase your Company Credits balance, please reach out to your Account Management Team for assistance.

Click the blue link to bring up a pop-up showing the Company Credit Log.

This log provides a record of your company credit purchases and any actions that have modified your current credit balance.

Modifying your selected Reward Catalog within the Settings will reset your current Company Credit total.

Custom Data Sources

Following Tango Cards, you will find a compilation of custom catalogs established within the domain, both connected and disconnected. These Data Sources originate from trackers hosted in the domain, and administrators can link or unlink these trackers to serve as central points for custom additions to the catalog, in addition to gift cards. Accessible through the 3-dot menu adjacent to each custom data source, you can choose to edit, delete, and view the data source. Furthermore, you have the option to create or connect an Order History Tracker for the specifically selected data source.

The inclusion of custom catalog options in a company's rewards program is instrumental in fostering a personalized and strategic approach to recognition. By tailoring rewards to individual preferences, companies not only enhance the overall employee experience but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to acknowledging and appreciating the diverse contributions of their workforce. This flexibility allows organizations to align their rewards program with specific goals, adapt to changing circumstances, and reinforce a positive work environment.

For information on setting up Data Sources, click here.

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