Connector Log

Incoming & outgoing authentication requests are captured in this log

Connector log lists many of the outgoing calls from MangoApps to another application and all the incoming calls from another application to MangoApps. This includes single-sign-on (SSO) calls, calls to applications like NetSuite & more. The Connector Log allows you to troubleshoot SSO issues and other common call issues.

  1. Application To/From: Choose from

    1. MangoApps

    2. OAuth 2.0 Google Apps

    3. OAuth 2.0 Office 365

  2. Action: Choose from

    1. All

    2. SSO Initiated

    3. SSO Failed

    4. SSO Successful

    5. SLO Initiated

    6. SLO Failed

    7. SLO Successful

    8. NA

  3. Date Range: Select the desired reporting date range

  4. Request Type: Select the Request Type from

    1. All

    2. Authentication-Applications

    3. Authentication-Connections

    4. Logout-Applications

    5. Logout-Connections

  5. Email ID/Login ID: To search for a specific user, input their email or login ID

  6. Clear/Search: Clear all filter fields or execute search

  7. Connector Log: Log of MangoApps connections based upon filter fields. Click on Request and Response under Payload to get response information

  8. Export CSV: Export report to CSV file

  9. Export PDF: Export report to PDF file

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