Session Settings

Configuring the domain-wide session settings


Network administrators can implement session management policies to control user access by restricting the number of concurrent sessions allowed per user, with a maximum limit of five sessions per platform. This setting can be applied and saved through the platform's interface. Additionally, administrators have the capability to force sign out all active sessions across all platforms as a security measure. This action instantly logs out all users except the administrator, ensuring heightened security but potentially causing users to lose unsaved data.

Concurrent User Sessions: MangoApps allows users to have concurrent sessions per platform.

  • Total number of concurrent sessions per user: Select the number of concurrent sessions each user is allowed to have per platform. You can allow maximum 5 sessions per platform for each user.

  • Save: Click the Save button to apply the selected session settings.

Force Signout: The system displays all active sessions of the domain, you can choose to sign out all users simultaneously.

  • Expire All Sessions Except Mine: Click the Expire All Sessions Except Mine button to log all users out of all MangoApps platforms and keep only you (the current network admin) logged in.

Force Signout immediately ends the sessions of all users logged into the domain which can result in loss of any unsaved data by users.

If a users logs in on more than the specified session on any platform the oldest session automatically expires and the same is recorded in the User Access Log.

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