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Configuring cloud folders in MangoApps allows you to streamline document management and ensure seamless integration with other cloud storage services like SharePoint. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and managing cloud folder settings via the MangoApps admin portal.

Understanding the Cloud Folder Configurations

The Cloud Folders tab is divided into several columns:

  • Cloud Folder Path: Shows the path to the folder in the integrated cloud storage service.

  • MangoApps Folder Path: Displays the corresponding folder path within MangoApps.

  • Created By: Indicates the user who created the folder integration.

  • Created On: The date and time when the folder was created.

  • Last Refresh: Shows the last time the folder was successfully synced.

Adding New Cloud Storage

Following successful authentication to an integrated data repository, the next step is to configure storage mapping. To do this, navigate to the Cloud Folders tab of the Files module within the admin portal. From here, click the Add Cloud Storage button located in the upper right hand corner.

Define the source document library on repository from where the documents will be synced. You need to select the repository account from which you want to sync the folders.

Source Configuration

Next, select the repository from which you need to sync the document library into MangoApps. The administrator can choose either all folders within the document library or specific folders. If the parent document library is selected, all folders within it will be synchronized with MangoApps. If specific folders are selected, only those folders along with any sub-folders and files will be synchronized into MangoApps.

Destination Configuration

With the source configuration completed, the next step is to configure the team (project, group, or department) setup on MangoApps. The logged-in user adding the Cloud storage must be a Network Admin and should be able to view all public and private teams (Groups, Projects, and Departments). Select the folder from the Files module in MangoApps teams where you want to sync the document library from the data repository and click save.

After saving the path for the destination, the sync between the source and destination will be initiated.

Other users (network & guest) in the team with the synced data repository folder will now have access according to the set permissions.

Additional Settings (Sync Interval)

The logged user setting up the cloud integration can set the automated sync schedule, determining the frequency (in hours) to sync external data repository folders periodically. Select the desired interval from the given options to automate the sync schedule.


Refresh Failed: If a folder's last refresh shows "Refresh Failed", ensure that the connection to the cloud storage is active and that the credentials are correct. You can manually refresh by selecting the three-dot menu and choosing "Refresh".

By following this guide, you should be able to configure and manage cloud folder settings in the MangoApps admin portal effectively. This will help in maintaining an organized file structure and ensuring that all documents are up-to-date and easily accessible across your organization.

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