Look Ahead Sections


Instead of navigating between multiple modules or applications to access relevant data, employees can conveniently find what they need directly within the company's intranet environment via predictive search. Predictive search software streamlines workflow by reducing the time and effort required for information retrieval and can even pull from third-party integrations such as Freshdesk, Gitbook, and more. Predictive look ahead can surface relevant documentation or support resources, saving valuable time and minimizing disruptions to productivity.

If no pertinent matches are found within the internal data sources, the section will be omitted from the Predictive Look Ahead box.

Customizing Predictive Look Ahead Settings

Administrators can rearrange the sections within the predictive lookup to prioritize the display of relevant information. This customization ensures that users are presented with the most pertinent search results, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the organization. Simply drag and drop each section within the Module Sections menu to your preference.

Federated Search items will always appear beneath module sections.

If necessary, administrators have the option to reset the Predictive Look Ahead settings to the recommended system defaults for convenience and ease of management.

Federated Search Sections

To view some third party integration's results in the look-ahead feature, users must perform a one-time setup by copying and pasting API keys from their profile.

After completing this setup, the search results will include additional sections with matching results.

Clicking on a search result from a federated data source will open the corresponding article or page in a new tab, allowing the user to access the full content.

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