Task Settings

Configuring the domain-wide settings for Tasks

In this section we will taker a look at the General and Progression configurations for the Tasks module. These configurations offer flexibility for administrators looking to to tailor the module to their organization's specific requirements. Configurations include: optimizing task assignments, refining communication protocols, and enhancing tracking/reporting functionalities.

General Configuration

This section includes settings for edit permissions, default assignee and approver selections, and feature enablement.

Allow assigned user to edit the task details - When checked, the user who is assigned the task (a.k.a. responsible person) will be able to edit the task details including due date, description etc. When unchecked, the assigned user will NOT be able to edit or delete the task

Allow team members to assign/re-assign a team task - When this setting is checked, any team member can assign or reassign a team task to themselves or to another team member, regardless of whether they have edit permissions on the task. However, when this setting is unchecked, only team admins have the ability to assign or reassign team tasks. A team member with edit permissions on the task can still assign or reassign the task regardless of the status of this setting.

Set default task assignee for a new team task - When enabled, any new team task that doesn't have a responsible person will be automatically assigned to the team owner.

Set default task approvers for a new team task - When enabled, any new team task that doesn't have approvers assigned will be automatically assigned to either the team owner or the team admins.

Enable milestones - When enabled, the milestones feature will be enabled in all the teams.

If milestones have been created and progress has been made, disabling the feature will preserve the existing progress. If the feature is later re-enabled, the previously made progress will be retained.

Enable user tasks - When enabled, the ability to create tasks outside of teams (a.k.a. user tasks) will be enabled in your domain.

Enable call to action (CTA) - When enables, the Call to Action section will be available when creating or editing a task.

Workflow Configuration

Make 'Finish' the primary action on a new task - When checked, 'Finish' will be shown as the primary action on new/not yet started tasks. Otherwise, 'Start' will be the primary action.

On 'Finish' automatically move the task to delivered status - When enabled, on 'Finish' the task will be moved directly to the 'Delivered' state, skipping any approval stage. When disabled, the task will be moved to the 'Finished' status.

On 'Delivered' automatically move the task to accepted status, when the user responsible is also the only approver of the task - In the instance the responsible user is also the listed approver, this feature will skip the approval process and move the task status to 'Delivered'.

When multiple approvers, move the task to accepted status only after all approvers accept the task - When enabled, all approvers for the task are required to approve before the status of the task changes to 'Accepted'. When disabled, only one approver is required to move the task to accepted status. In either case, if any one approver rejects the task, the status of the task will be changed to 'Rejected'.

Enable comments with ability to attach media - When enabled, this configuration allows users to include comments and attach media before task delivery.

Administrators can choose specific task stages where this option should be available, such as Finish, Deliver, Accept, Reject, and/or Re-Open. Multiple stages can be selected.

Additionally, this configuration offers the flexibility to require proof of completion specifically at the "Finish" stage.

Health Settings

This setting determines the threshold for marking the health status of the team or site as Delayed based on the count of overdue tasks. If the number of overdue tasks meets or exceeds this threshold, the team's health status will be flagged as Delayed.

Allow team admins to change this threshold: Enabling this setting grants team admins the ability to modify the aforementioned delayed threshold value for their team.

From within the User Portal, admins of the group or team can access this setting from the Admin Tools dropdown menu within that group/team.

Site Tasks

Enable this setting to allow creation of tasks for your frontline workforce and gain real-time task completion visibility across all your sites.

When enabled, additional menu options will appear allowing you to designate which users can manage site tasks. Selecting Domain admins, intranet admins & specific users will allow you to designate up to 3 user segments as well as individual users.

For information on setting up Sites, click here.

To see how these configurations impact the Tasks on the User Portal, see Tasks in the User Portal Guide.

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