Social Advocacy

Enable your employees to share company content with their networks.


Transform Engaged Employees Into Brand Advocates

Empower your employees with a social sharing feature that allows anyone within your company to become a brand advocate.

  • Strengthen your brand image with social sharing

  • Improve employee engagement with company content

  • Amplify the social reach of your company

Complete Admin Control

Admins can manually determine the user accounts whose posted content is available for social sharing, allowing for complete control over distributed company content.

Public Post Page

Users can access a social post's public page directly from LinkedIn & Twitter. Determine who your best brand advocates are by seeing where the most traffic to view a post is originating from.

Empower Your Employees

Social advocacy is available to all MangoApps users via desktop and mobile and is not restricted to a license count. This means that anyone in your company can become a brand advocate.

Promote Social Engagement

Display your top social ambassadors and posts in your domain, encouraging users to participate.

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