Calendar Integrations


The MangoApps calendar can seamlessly integrate with external calendar programs such as Outlook, Teams, iCal, and others. Adding these integrations can significantly enhance efficiency and communication within your company by streamlining the process of managing schedules by allowing employees to view and interact with intranet calendar events directly within their preferred external calendar application. By syncing these calendars, employees can avoid scheduling conflicts, stay updated on important meetings and events, and efficiently coordinate with colleagues who may use different calendar tools. This integration fosters a more connected and synchronized work environment, ultimately improving overall productivity and collaboration within the organization.

For information on specific Calendar integrations, check out our comprehensive Integrations Guide space here!

Calendar Integrations Dashboard

From this tab, admins are able to manage their connected calendar integrations. Each integration can be enabled or disabled using the toggle switch on the right hand of the dashboard menu per each listed integration.

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