Managing the hashtag categories on your domain


Network admins can add and manage the categories for hashtags in the Admin Portal. Categories can be used to better organize the hashtags on your MangoApps domain.

  1. Search Hashtags: Enter the keyword in to Search Category text box to filter the categories in the list of categories.

  2. List of categories: List of all hashtags categories on the entire domain.

  3. Toggle bar: Click the toggle bar for the out-of-box Core Values category to enable/disable it. The hashtags from the Core Values category are displayed on awards in MangoApps. Disabling this category, hides the 'Select Core Values' option within awards on the User Portal.

  4. Actions:

    • Edit: Click the Edit option to edit a hashtag category.

    • Delete: Click the Delete option to delete a hashtag category.

  5. New Category: Click the New Category button to create a new hashtag category on your domain.

Only network admins can create and delete hashtag categories in MangoApps.

Creating a New Category

To create a new hashtag category:

  1. Click the New Category button to open the New Category pop-up.

  2. Enter the name for the category in the Name text box. For example, enter Sales in the Category Name text box.

  3. Click the Save button to save the new created category on your domain. Repeat steps 1 through 3 to create more hashtag categories.

  4. Drag-and-drop the categories to re-order them.

Hashtag categories CANNOT be nested in MangoApps.


What happens to the hashtags if I delete a category associated with it?

Deleting a hashtag category 'dis-associates' the category from the hashtag and allocates the 'Uncategorized' category to all the hashtags associated with the category without impacting the content.

To see how these configurations impact the Hashtags on the User Portal, see Hashtags in the User Portal Guide.

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