Trash Can

MangoApps users get their own trash can where deleted items will reside until permanently deleted


Restoring Content From The Trash

If something is deleted prematurely or mistakenly users will be able to restore content from their own trash can at any time without needing to go to IT for help. Domain admins are still able to restore content from the admin portal if needed.

Searching and Sorting

When viewing a user's trash can, items are displayed in a list indicating the deleted item by name, user, deletion date, and the team in which the content was deleted. If the deleted items become too unwieldy, users can easily search, sort the filters, or choose to only show the content types they wish. Restoring content is easy, users will simply select the β€˜restore’ function beside the deleted item.

Restore It or Lose It

Based on domain-wide content preservation rules, content is permanently deleted from the user’s trash can and cannot be recovered by the user or by the domain admin after the specified period has elapsed.

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