Help Center Setup

Setting up the Help Center for all users

In this section, we'll delve into the setup of the Help Center for the MagnoApps User Portal, providing administrators with the tools to customize the user experience. Admins can tailor the Help Center's navigation by creating and modifying custom menus, ensuring that relevant features are easily accessible for users. Whether it's Mango Academy for comprehensive training, Report a Problem for swift issue resolution, or Send Feedback for user input, admins have the flexibility to curate a menu that aligns seamlessly with the needs of their organization.

Furthermore, administrators can enrich the Help Center by incorporating multimedia elements. The admin portal allows them to view training videos that guide them through the intricacies of managing the system. Admins can also contribute to the learning environment by adding user training videos, enabling a collaborative and dynamic approach to skill development. Additionally, the system supports the upload of webinars and videos, fostering a multimedia-rich learning environment. Admins can effortlessly toggle the visibility of Help Center icons, ensuring a streamlined interface that caters to the specific preferences and priorities of the organization. With these versatile customization options, MagnoApps empowers administrators to shape a Help Center that not only addresses immediate needs but also evolves with the dynamic requirements of the business landscape.

To get started, click Help from the left hand navigation menu.

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