Task Priorities

Managing domain-wide task priorities

Assigning priority levels to tasks allows managers to strategically allocate resources, optimize workflows, and enhance time management. By identifying high-priority tasks critical to organizational goals, managers ensure that limited resources are directed toward activities that drive success. This practice aids in risk mitigation, supports goal achievement, and contributes to client and stakeholder satisfaction by addressing urgent matters promptly.

From this menu, network admins can manage the pre-shipped task priorities, reorder task priorities, and create new task priorities levels.

Displayed is the list of all task priorities on the domain. Drag-and-drop the task priorities to reorder how they will be listed in the user portal dropdown menus.

Network admins can edit the label and icon of the pre-shipped task priorities or create new task priorities.

To make changes to existing priority levels, hover over the priority and click the Edit or Delete option. Deleting a task priority only removes the association of the priority from the task on the User Portal. Pre-shipped task priorities can be deleted.

Once a priority level has been deleted it cannot be recovered and must be re-created.

Adding a New Task Priority

To add a new task priority for all users on the domain:

  1. Click the + Add new task priority link at the bottom of the priorities list.

  2. Enter a name for the task priority.

  3. Select an indicator color for the task priority from the slider menu.

  4. Click the Save button to add the new task priority on the domain.

  5. Optionally, drag-and-drop the task priority as preferred to reorder it within the list.

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