Shift Data Source


The shift management system allows users to select third-party shift management programs as the data source for shifts. Admin users can provide the system with the URL of the FTP endpoint from which the shift data will be fetched. IT administrators can access a sample file as a template for posting the shift data from Kronos to the FTP server. Security credentials and a test connection for validation are available to the administrators to establish a secure connection with the private and secure FTP location. The synchronization of shift data can be scheduled to occur every 2 to 24 hours based on the organization's needs. All synchronization calls for shifts are logged under Domain, Logs, and Schedule Sync Log, providing information on the run status of each synchronization operation.

Configure Custom Endpoints for a Source

Integration of employee scheduling software with MangoApps enables employees to access various information such as full store or factory work schedules for upcoming weeks, individual work schedules, and actual worked hours for past weeks through MangoApps. Users can configure the integration by providing endpoint URLs for store schedules, actual hours, and entitlement, along with login credentials and custom fields from user profiles. A testing option is available to ensure the connection works before saving the configuration.

Store Schedules Endpoint URL: Enter the endpoint URL where you will be pulling the store schedules information

Actual Hours Endpoint URL: Enter the endpoint URL where you will be pulling the actual hours endpoint

Entitlement Endpoint URL: Enter the endpoint URL for the entitlement endpoint. This provides the APIs to support basic authentication

Login ID: Log In ID for server access

Password: Password for server access

Configure Request Parameters: The parameters you would like MangoApps to pass on. These are Custom Fields from the user profile

Add More: Add as many user profile custom fields as needed

Test Connection: Test the connection prior to saving it

Save: Once you have tested the connection and verified it works, click on Save

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