Add shared resources, allow for resource reservation, and view resource reservations on the calendar


The Resource Reservation feature allows administrators to manage shared resources like conference rooms and printers efficiently. Administrators can add resources by navigating to Admin Portal > Manage Domain > Resources, and clicking the Add Resources button. Each resource can be named, typed, and assigned to an office location, with additional details such as descriptions, managers, and pictures. Once resources are added, admins can enable the "Allow Resource Reservation" option to facilitate user bookings. Custom admin roles, like Resource Manager, can be created to oversee resource management. Users can reserve resources by creating an event and selecting available resources, with the system ensuring no double bookings. Reserved resources appear on a company-wide calendar, and users can filter these by location or type. This system streamlines resource management, ensuring availability and efficient use of shared assets.

Resource Reservation

You can add shared resources (like conference rooms, printers, etc.), specify their location, and allow for the resource(s) to be reserved.

Add or edit your list of resources :

In Admin Portal > Manage Domain > Resources > Add Resources (top right button)

  • Name your resource, select the resource type (room, equipment, others), and assign the resource to the relevant office location.

  • Entering the type and location information will allow users to filtered resources by office and resource type.

  • Enter a description for the resource.

  • Assign a manager.

  • Identify each resource with a picture.

  • Once at least one resource has been added, you'll be able to edit, deactivate, delete, and turn on the "Allow Resource Reservation" option to enable users to reserve resources.

Set up custom admin role (Resource Manager) to manage resources:

In Admin Portal > Users > Admin Roles > Resource Manager

How to Reserve Resources:

  • Users can reserve one or more resources for a time period from compose > create event > reserve resource

  • A resource can only be reserved by a user for a time period if that resource has not already been reserved by anyone else

  • By default the resource picture becomes the event featured image

  • At the end of the reserved time, the resource becomes available for reservation by anyone.

Reserve Resources for a meeting

  • Users as part of creating a meeting event can now reserve one or more resources

  • Compose > create event > Meeting > Resource:

  • If the resource requested is not available for the requested meeting date and time, the meeting event can’t be created

  • At the end of the meeting event (or if the event is cancelled) any associated resources will be free to be reserved by anyone else

Reserved resources are now displayed on the calendar

  • The calendar now lists all the reserved resources in the company,

  • From calendar select Show > Show Resource Reservations Only

  • You can filter resources by office location or resource type is supported in the calendar

  • Clicking on the reserved resource on the calendar will show all the details of the resource

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