Setting up the Greetings module

MangoApps Greetings is designed to spread joy and build camaraderie among team members by celebrating various occasions, from employee birthdays to major holidays. This module allows users to come together, share greetings, and create a vibrant atmosphere within the organization.

Configurations within the Greetings module grant admins the power to tailor the experience to reflect the organization's unique culture. Admins can effortlessly create new greeting templates that resonate with the company's identity, ensuring a personalized touch to each celebration. The module also allows admins to establish new categories or modify existing ones, providing flexibility to align greetings with specific themes or events. Furthermore, administrators have the option to toggle the ability for users to upload or choose greetings from the media gallery, allowing for a dynamic and engaging user experience. With the Greetings module, MangoApps aims to enhance workplace culture by promoting shared celebrations and fostering a sense of community among users.

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