Tab Settings


This section allows for the customization of various schedule tabs within the Schedules module and accessibility of attendance records for different user segments based on roles, responsibilities, and privacy considerations. This customization is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that employees only have access to relevant information pertaining to their roles, preventing information overload and improving efficiency. For example, managers may need access to comprehensive schedule details and attendance records for their teams, while regular employees might only need their individual schedules. Secondly, it enhances confidentiality and compliance by restricting access to sensitive information. Overall, the ability to customize visibility for different user segments optimizes workflow, promotes data security, and streamlines communication within the organization.

Admin Portal View

From this menu, network admins can view the available schedule tabs, edit the display names of these tabs, and manage the visibility of each tab.

The order in which the tabs appear within the User Portal can be changed by dragging and dropping different tabs up and down the list. The tab at the top of the list will be the left-most tab to appear within the User Portal.

Who Can See?

This column provides the capability to change the viewership of a selected tab. Click Change for the tab you wish to update. This will bring up the visibility pop-up menu.

From this menu, you can set the visibility of the selected schedules tab to Everyone with access to the module, No one within the network, effectively, disabling the tab, Manager level users with at least one or more direct reports, or a specific User Segment.

Attendance Report

Unlike the tabs mentioned earlier, the visibility of this tab operates differently. Here, individual users need to be assigned the permission to view it. For information on configuring the Attendance Report tab, click here.

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