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Opportunities Access

Managing the access for domain-wide opportunities


Network admins grant view permission to all opportunities to any network users on the domain.
Admin Portal > Modules > CRM > Opportunities Access
  1. 1.
    List of users with view access: Displays the list of all network users who have the view permission to all opportunities in the CRM module on the User Portal. Users in this list need not be a part of an opportunity to view it on the User Portal.
    • Name: Name of the user with view permission.
    • Email: Email of the user with view permission.
    • Action: Click the Remove Access option to revoke the view permission of the selected user for opportunities.
  2. 2.
    Add Users: Click the Add Users button to add network users to the opportunities view access list. Users added to this list CANNOT edit opportunity details unless they are a part of the opportunity.

To see how these configurations impact the Team CRM on the User Portal, see Team CRM in the User Portal Guide.

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