Domain and governance admins have the ability to configure the governance bot properties (from Admin portal > Governance > Settings). Configurable properties include:

  • Ability to configure governance bot names.

  • Ability to configure governance bot picture.

  • Admin can set the helper’s name and photo from whom the activity will be created.

  • By default, the name would be "Governance Helper" with the default photo.

  • Save: On save, user gets a message saying, "Governance settings successfully saved".

How can you apply auto governance rule for items?

  1. From the Admin panel, go to User Portal.

  2. On the dashboard, you can see the Posts, Wiki and so on.

  3. Click on any post or item on dashboard.

  4. From the three dots, click Manage Auto Governance.

  5. Turn on the β€œAuto governance for this item” toggle switch.

  6. Click Save.

  7. From the Settings, go to Manage Domain>Governance>Items.

    You can see the auto governance item on the list.

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