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Setting up the Schedules module
The MangoApps Schedules module enhances the experience for frontline shift workers by seamlessly integrating shift information from third-party shift management software like Workforce, Spectrum, and Kronos. With this integration, employees can easily access their shift details for the current and upcoming weeks directly through the company-branded MangoApps employee app and web portal. They can view crucial information about each shift, including break times, and communicate with their colleagues effortlessly.

The Schedules module empowers enterprises to oversee their store timetables, user timetables, actual task hours, entitlements, and absence records. Network administrators have the flexibility to modify the system default labels for the module from the Domain settings under the Translate tab.
If automatic translations have been de-activated from the Translate menu, follow the steps below to set custom module labels.
Admin Portal > Modules > Schedules
  1. 1.
    Go to Admin Portal > Modules > Schedules.
  2. 2.
    To update the module labels, navigate to either Schedule Settings or Tab Settings, and input the desired label text in the corresponding text box. For instance, you can enter "Shifts" in the text box within Schedule Settings to rename the module from Schedules to Shifts.
  3. 3.
    Click the Save button to set the custom label text for the module.
The translate option of your domain in the Admin Portal (Admin Portal > Domain > Translate) MUST be deactivated to edit the module label.
Activating and Deactivating the translate option of your domain in the Admin Portal (Admin Portal > Domain > Translate) resets the custom label text.

Tab Settings Expanded

In the expanded Tab Settings, in addition to renaming labels, you have the flexibility to configure viewer permissions according to your preferences.
To control the label's visibility for users, click on the "Change" button. This option allows you to hide or show the label based on your preference.
  • Views based on user segments to show or hide tabs in the Schedules module from end users. For example, you can set the "Store Schedule" tab as viewable to Store Managers only - anyone not in the Store Managers user segment cannot see this schedule.
  • Admins can reorder Schedule tabs to fit their preferences by dragging and dropping them.

User Guide View

Users have the ability to view the start time, end time, and duration of their current and upcoming week shifts.
Users can access additional details by selecting a specific shift, including the scheduled break times. The availability of viewing all shifts at their location depends on the settings configured by the admin.
The system supports multi-day shifts, meaning that if a shift spans over two days, the details will display both dates for that particular shift. Additionally, the shift and break times are presented in the user's preferred locale, ensuring a localized experience.
The Schedules UI provides the convenient feature of messaging co-workers directly. Users can easily send messages to their colleagues by clicking on their names and using the office card functionality. This messaging capability is available on both the web interface and the mobile app, allowing seamless communication from the Schedules module.