Prevent old/outdated and unverified content from surfacing on your intranet.

Verify Your Content

Use auto governing features to make sure that your employees can only access current and verified content.

  • Automatically archive outdated & unverified content

  • Configure governing policies to best fit your specific needs

  • Enable a digital workplace your employees can trust

Keep Your Intranet Content Fresh & Current

Auto governance engine auto-computes the freshness index of the intranet. The score is readily available to admins.

  • Gain insight into archived content over the past 90 days

  • Clearly see the number of items currently under governance

  • View the freshness of content in projects, groups, and departments on the dashboard

Automation Rules

Use automation rules to automatically manage the review and archival workflow for pages, files, wikis, posts, libraries, and courses in your network.


Configure notifications to automatically notify content author, and relevant admins X days prior to content becoming unverified/archived. This gives them a chance to act and review expiring content.

Content Lifecycle

Authors can control the publishing lifecycle for a piece of content, and keep track of content as it moves through different governance stages: verified > unverified > archived -> deleted.

Governance Admin

Create a custom admin role to manage auto governance within your network. The governance admin will gain permissions to view & manage items under governance, and configure automation rules.

Audit Logs

Keep track of all admin changes to the auto governance engine with detailed audit logs that are available at a moment's notice.

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