Task Types

This section allows network administrators to rearrange task types, edit pre-shipped task types, and generate new task types through the Admin Portal. Task types function as task categories, aiding users in efficiently searching for tasks.

This section also allows admins to customize the Onboarding tasks that will be displayed in the Onboarding widget.

The table displays a list of all the system and custom task types within the domain. The order in which the types appear in the list will dictate the order in which they will appear when creating a new task. Drag-and-drop the task types to reorder them.

Hover over each task type to access the 3-dot menu for more menu options.

Actions: Click the Edit or Delete option. Since system task types cannot be deleted, the option to delete will only show for custom types.

Deleting a task type will NOT delete any active tasks associated with it, but it WILL remove the type listed in those tasks.

Deleting a task type is permanent and non-recoverable. Before deleting a task type, consider disabling it instead to avoid data loss.

Adding a New Task Type

To add a new task type for all users within the domain, click the + Add new task type button to access the New Task Type pop-up menu..

Enter a Name for the task type and select an Icon & Color from the dropdown menus. Optionally, a brief description (up to 250 characters) of the task type can be added.


Configure multiple stages for task types for further categorization and additional meta data/info. Stages serve as subtypes of the task type, allowing users to add up to 10 stages per task type. This section is optional for all task types except the Onboarding type. If included, a new section will appear in the task creation and summary menus.

For the Onboarding Type, each stage will appear as a selectable option from the Onboarding Widget (based upon the widget property settings), providing a streamlined process for managing tasks within different stages of onboarding. This functionality enhances the user experience by offering a more tailored and efficient approach to handling tasks associated with the Onboarding Type.

If multiple onboarding tasks and task templates are assigned, the widget will display all Onboarding-type tasks assigned to the user. For instance, if a new user is assigned both a General Onboarding task set and a separate Department Onboarding task set, both sets will appear in the widget.

It's important to note that there will only be one instance of a stage within the onboarding type. Therefore, all tasks with that stage tag will be grouped together under that stage, even if they originate from different task assignments.

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