Configuring the domain-wide settings for Recognitions


In this menu, Network and Recognition administrators have the ability to activate the Reward Points system, which is integrated into and overseen by MangoApps. Moreover, administrators can establish a notification system within the Recognition module settings to promptly notify network administrators when the company's credit surpasses a certain threshold, guaranteeing timely awareness. Furthermore, administrators have the flexibility to customize the message, subject, and content that accompanies the gift card.

Basic Settings

Use basic settings to give the module a label and establish a monthly limit on the number of recognitions a single user can award.

Module Label: Customize the label for the Recognition module according to your preference. This label will appear on the left hand navigation menu (if enabled) as well as at the top of the module page.

Restrict number of recognitions from one user to _ per month: Control the number of recognition awards a user can grant within the timeframe of a month. When toggled on, you can select any value between 1 and 10, allowing you to establish a minimum of 1 award and a maximum of 10 awards.

Limit users from giving the same award to the same user within a specified timeframe: Activate this option if you wish to limit the same user from giving the same award to the same recipient more than once within a defined time period.

Allow giving awards to teams: Click the toggle bar to allow users to give awards to teams in the User Portal.

This section allows you to set the permissions for giving awards to teams and individuals.

Allow giving awards to colleagues: By default, only network and Recognition administrators can bestow awards. Toggle this setting to permit users to give awards to their colleagues through the User Portal. Additionally, select from the accompanying dropdown whether the given award will be shown publicly in the News Feed and on the User's Profile or only shared through Direct Messages. Team Awards will always be shared publicly.

Either or both rewards configurations mentioned above must be enabled. Both options cannot be disabled simultaneously.

Limit recipients per award to: This setting allows admins to limit the number of recipients that can be selected when giving an award. This does not refer to the number of recipients within a selected team but selected specific individual recipients.

Allow editing of award message: Toggle this setting to allow/disallow the customization of award messages when the award is given. If this option is OFF, the default description set up via the Awards tab will be displayed.

Allow commenting on awards: Allow or disallow users from commenting on the award activity when it is displayed publicly within the domain.

Reward points exclusion list: List the user segments who are ineligible to receive reward points when they are granted a reward. If users are removed from this list at a later date, they will NOT retroactively receive any previously rewarded points. A maximum of 3 user segments can be added.

Reward Settings

In this section, you'll find various options related to the assignment of monetary value to reward points. Activate this section to enable features that associate dollar amounts with specific awards. Note that this section is NOT required for utilization of the Recognition Module. By toggling the Enable Reward Points field OFF, the module can still be used to award gamification points. For more information on gamification Levels & Badges, click here.

Enable Rewards Points: Toggle this option ON to enable rewards points and reveal additional menu options. Please note that with this option disabled, network users will not be able to grant rewards points to other users and teams through the User Portal and remove the Reward Points widget from their profiles. Users will still be able to give recognition though in the form of gamification. It's important to emphasize that disabling this option will not reset any reward points that a user has already earned. Users can redeem Rewards Points earned for third party Gift Cards and custom items from their User Profiles.

To add more Company Credits or adjust the point conversion rate, please contact your Account Management Team.

By default, the point conversion rate is set at $1 for every 10 points.

Here are a couple examples of what your Users will see when Reward Points have been Enabled and when the Reward Points have been Disabled.

Reward Store: Select the desired gift card catalog from a dropdown menu. The catalog is where users will redeem their points for gift cards. The out-of-the-box MangoApps catalog provides predefined gift cards that users can redeem using their reward points within the MangoApps system. For more information on what is provided in the MangoApps Catalog, click here. The Customer Managed Catalog option from the dropdown menu provides the flexibility to use third-party application for users to redeem reward points.

The reward store also offers the opportunity to create custom catalog items (such as company branded items and other special redeemables). For information on creating your own custom catalog items, click here.

When no direct manager is assigned to the user, then send an approval request to: By default, if a user attempts to give an award with reward points, but they do not have a sufficient balance of allocated reward points, the request is automatically sent to their direct manager for approval. However, if the user does not have a designated direct manager in MangoApps, you have the option to redirect the approval request to a specified user. You can enter multiple users in the field for this purpose.

Reward Points Expiration: Select the period for reward points to remain valid. This choice specifies how long users' accumulated reward points will stay active before automatically expiring.

When enabled, an additional option will appear asking to send reminders to users via direct message before their points expire. Specify how many days before the points expire the reminder message should be sent and even set custom text.

Reward Image

This section allows you to upload an image that will be displayed in the users' reward wallet widget. This option is great for enhancing the visual representation of the rewards. The recommended size for this image is 300x186 pixels. We recommend using your company branding rewards card for this image.

Reward Helper

This section allows you to configure a user that will be the source for rewards-related communication via MMail.

Name: This is the name that will appear for the configured user and is required.

Photo: Upload a photo for your configured user.

Gift Card and Donation Card: In this section, you can personalize the subject and message for the communication sent to the recipient when they redeem a reward.

You have the option to set different messages based on whether the user has selected a gift card or made a donation.

Click the View Sample link to view the sample of customized card for web and mobile platforms.

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