Reward Catalog

View what the redemption catalog is offering


This section will display what offers are enabled for your rewards catalog. When a user redeems their reward points, these are the options they will be able to choose from.

Reward Catalog

Network or recognition administrators can activate custom catalogs abd the MangoApps-managed Tango Card gift card catalog within the Recognition module Data Sources in the admin portal. These catalog options offer the flexibility to integrate third-party applications for users to redeem their reward points, offer a host of gift card to choose from, as well as provides a space for admins to view all user segment specific custom catalog options.

If you would like to integrate other third-party applications outside of Tango Cards or our custom item trackers, please reach out to your Account Management Team.

From the dropdown menu, select which catalog you would like to view. Custom catalog views allow you to preview entries as well as edit their entry within the item tracker. The Gift Cards view allows you manage (by way of activating and de-activating) the available gift card selection for users.

Product Previews

To preview the user experience in the User Portal, click on each product within the catalog view. This allows you to see exactly what users will encounter while browsing.

For more information on the Recognition Module in the User Portal, click here.

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