Add New Navigation


Admins have the capability to generate limitless personalized navigation styles tailored to both network and guest user segments. This customization can be achieved through individual user preferences or rule-based user segments.

Create a New Navigation Style

From the Navigation module within the Admin Portal, click the Add Navigation button. Assign a unique name to the new style navigation's name and select the relevant user segment. Only one user segment can be assigned per navigation style.

Designate the landing page for your users to see upon login then setup the Style and Layout of the navigation menu.

If a user belongs to multiple user segments, the first matching enabled navigation for the user segment in the list will be shown.

By default, end users are unable to edit or rearrange custom navigation menu styles assigned to their segment.

However, admins can grant them the ability to personalize their own navigation menus for their individual profiles via the Default Network Users Navigation style ONLY.

If, after making this change, a user is still unable to make changes themselves, make sure all user segments the end user is part of are utilizing the Default Network Users Navigation style.

From the default Network User Navigation 3-Dot action menu, click Edit.

Select Yes or No to allow end users to manage their individual navigation and landing page.

Style and Layout

Administrators can select the style for the new custom navigation menu from three options: Vertical, Horizontal, and Horizontal with Mega Menu layouts. Depending on the chosen layout, additional menu options will become available.

Following this selection, administrators can set the Top Bar and Side width from the dropdown menus. These options range from the full width of the website to a maximum of 1200 pixels. If the top bar is set to 1200 pixels, the site width is automatically limited to the same value. The sitde width represents the amount of width will be taken by site content.

Mobile Bottom Navigation Bar

In this section, admins can customize the order of modules and navigation style for mobile users. Modules that overflow on the screen will appear in the More menu on mobile.

Main Screen Only

In this mode, pages that are directly accessible from the Navigation will have the bottom navigation bar available.

Most Screens

In this mode, most of the pages in the app, except a few like Compose, Taking a Course, etc., will always have the bottom navigation bar available.

Manage Modules and Sub-Menus

Once the Add Navigation settings have been configured and saved, the new navigation style will become available in the left hand navigation style list. Click on it to begin customizing the layout of the modules within.

The option also exists to create Sub-Menus in the event you choose to keep modules active but don't necessarily want them as part of the at-a-glance navigational menu. To create a sub-menu, click the Manage Sub-Menus button next to the module you wish to serve as the parent.

From the pop-up menu, mark the checkbox for the preferred modules to add them within the new section as sub-menu items, and then click Done.

Modules within the resulting sub-menu can be re-arranged via drag and drop. Drag and drop additional modules into the new sub-menu or drag modules in the sub-menu out to re-add them to the at-a-glance menu.

When satisfied, click the Apply Navigation button to save and apply the changes to the navigation style for all network users of the selected user segment.

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